1. Estimate
The first step in the repair process is the writing of the estimate. When you bring your vehicle into Geneva Auto Body, one of our estimators, will take pictures, assess the damage, and create an initial estimate of the repair costs. Once this estimate is complete, we can submit it to your insurance company for approval.

2. Tear Down/Disassembly
During the Tear Down/Disassembly process, our technicians will begin removing the damaged parts from your vehicle and inspect it for any further damage that was not visible during the initial estimate. If additional damage is discovered, we will contact your insurance company and adjust the estimate accordingly. This is known as supplemental damage and needs to be authorized before the repair can continue.

3. Body Repair
During this stage, our technicians will repair or replace any damaged parts on your vehicle. In most cases, this is the most time consuming part of the repair process. Once all the damaged parts are repaired or replaced, they will be prepped for paint.

4. Prep For Paint
During the Prep for Paint process, any damaged parts or areas of your vehicle are cleaned, masked, and prepared for the painting technicians.

5. Paint/Refinish
The Paint/Refinish stage involves priming and painting any damaged parts or areas of your vehicle. Our skilled paint technicians will first color match your paint and then begin the multiple stages of paint application. Once painted, all parts or areas of the vehicle will be clear coated and allowed to dry.

6. Assembly
The Assembly process involves putting all of the repaired and refinished parts back on the vehicle. During this process, our technicians will reassemble your vehicle back to factory manufacturer specifications.

7. Detail/Final Inspection
The Detail/Final Inspection stage involves cleaning, vacuuming, and polishing your vehicle. Once your vehicle is fully detailed, it will be fully inspected for delivery.

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